Teddy’s Reflection Log 03.16.2010

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Teddy’s Reflection Log 03.25.2010

 For CTCH 604 class session 03.16.2010

Last week’s class was just superb! It was an honor to have guest speaker Barbara Cambridge with us. She gave us insights into many of the issues pertaining to scholarship, teaching and learning. Dr. Cambridge asked each of us to explain our position concerning the securing of permission to use student research as instructors. At first, I did not feel obligated to share such credit as a college instructor. It was clear that I was wrestling with the topic. Actually, I felt at the time that inquiries taking place in courses using in-class subjects was the property of the teacher/researcher. After a bit more conversation with Barbara I was convinced that sharing credit for research, obtaining permission, no harm policies and ethical issues were of too great significance to the student and the institution. In other words, it was best to be safe than sorry. Proactive instead of being reactive!

 Next, we had a great discuss about (IRB) Internal Review Boards. This fascinating topic explored the internal and external determinants that faculty must compete with in order to secure IRB approval of their research. The three levels of risks are considered with great care in regards to the use of student work so that participants of the course are not damaged or intimidated. Students are not required to take part in the project. Some students may feel that they will fail the course based on non-participation. So, Internal Review Boards must implement procedures to protect student research data & privacy. Again, it was an honor to meet and speak with our distinguished guest and mother. Thank you Darren for such a fabulous mom! Thank you Barbara for an incredibly brilliant son!


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