Carrie Ann’s April 13th class reflection

Posted by on April 19, 2010 
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It was a pleasure for me this week to share some research in my field of music education.  In discussing how philosophy in music education research has changed from a qualitative to a quantitative approach, it was encouraging to see how other fields such as sociology (as Jason stated), has also dealt with this shift in approach.  Arts-based research as added a third approach to researching in our field and after our discussion on other practical applications of this research philosophy, I plan on learning more about the techniques applied and how I might be able to combine this approach with a qualitative or quantitative method.

Ted’s discussion on using “podcast” type technology to critique and pass on comments to students on their work has really had me rethinking how I respond back to my students.  As we realized through our discussion, it will still take just as much time, or even more, to comment on student papers in the electronic manner.  We want to give our students the best possible feedback that we can, electronic commenting can add a personal touch to the dissemination of comments, but is it the most effective in large classes… this I am not too sure of yet.  Will students respond to this type of commenting/assessment procedure, or would they prefer the traditional writing out of comments by teachers?  Does this technique work better in some educational settings then in others?  These are questions that I am still pondering after our class discussion of last week.  I know for me that I prefer seeing written comments right next to a specific topic in my paper (it is easily accessed), I feel that if I had to listen to a recording and then keep finding the corresponding spot in my paper I would be less inclined to keep listening over and over as I am making adjustments.  This is not to say I am writing off this technique completely, I just need some time to decide if it is the right course of action when grading my student’s papers.


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