Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection 04.17.2010

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection 04.17.2010 For class session 04.13.2010  This week’s discussion started with Carrie Anne’s article on Music Education. It is amazing how there can be so many different approaches to SoTL work. As we could see the decisions to use quantitative verses qualitative research methodologies is still a toss-up! Regardless of the discipline, these […]

Teddy’s Disciplinary Perspective Report 04.11.2010

Delivering student feedback in higher education: the role of podcasting Teddy’s CTCH604 Reading Log 04.11.2010 For class session 04.13.2010 Have you ever enrolled in a class and around mid-term realize that you never received a grade on any of your work. The teacher has not returned any assignments with markings. No verbal or written communications […]

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reading Log 04.11.2010

Teddy’s Reading Log 04.11.2010  For class session 04.13.2010  As someone once said to me, there’s more than one way to do anything. I found this easily applicable to our selected methodologies used to complete music research. Reimer’s research award speech is to say the least an eye-opener. As stated by Bennett Reimer (2008), no matter […]

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection of Jason’s Reflection 04.05.2010

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection on Jason’s Reflection 04.05.2010   Reflecting on Jason’s reflection posted April 04, 2010, I too have witnessed many reports of research projects that provided data of a one-sided nature. On many occasions, I have found myself floating breathlessly in my over-zealous attempt to report the facts.  As Jason reported, it could have […]

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reading Log 04.04.2010

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reading Log 04.04.2010 For class session 04.06.2010 Our assigned article for this week explores the experiences of soldiers in Iraqi and Afghanistan combat. With so many people involved in such conflicts it is hard to believe that so little research exists on the topic of transitioning soldiers from the battle field to the […]

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