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Carrie Ann and Ted will be leading discussions on the music-related articles they have chosen for this week.  Although I do not see it specified who chose which article, I will work under the assumption that Ted selected “Delivering student feedback in higher education:  the role of podcasting” for his focus, and Carrie Ann will lead her discussion on “Research in Music Education:  Personal and Professional Reflections in a Time of Perplexity”.

I am admittedly not the most technologically savvy individual.  When I was younger, I was fascinated by computers and all that they could help us do.  Wordperfect was the best back then; I knew all the function keys by heart.  Then I entered the workforce, and it seemed like I was spending all my waking moments on computers.  As a result, I feel that I am aware of new technological developments, but I do not embrace them.  Reading about the method of using podcasts for feedback encouraged me.  My own minimal exposure to podcasting makes me feel as though it would be an option I could easily incorporate into a course I was teaching or project I was managing.

Granted, as the article stated toward the end, podcasting might work better with individuals who are familiar with the format, but even with a little bit of initial training on how to use podcasting, it seems to offer so much.  The ability to hear comments with their intonations, rather than to simply see them on paper seems a little richer.  Students can also refer back to the mp3s at a later time or in pieces.  It may not suit everyone, but at least it gives students additional options and allows them to discover what methods of feedback (and learning) suit them best.  I think that process of discovery will serve them more in their future courses and  once they eventually enter the workforce.


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