Carrie Ann’s April 13th class reflection

It was a pleasure for me this week to share some research in my field of music education.  In discussing how philosophy in music education research has changed from a qualitative to a quantitative approach, it was encouraging to see how other fields such as sociology (as Jason stated), has also dealt with this shift […]

Jason’s Reading Log for April 20th

This week’s reading about e-portfolios was very interesting.  I plan on designing an e-portfolio for one of my courses this fall, so this week’s class should help me with that.  I had never really taken the time to situate the development of portfolios within historical context.   When this is laid out, as it was […]

Research Proposal Details

Here are some more details about the final proposal assignment. If you have questions, post a comment. Audience and purpose Obviously, I’m one audience member. I’m looking to see that the proposal demonstrates you have a good sense of the idea of the scholarship of teaching and learning and general and how it translates into […]

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection 04.17.2010

Teddy’s CTCH604 Reflection 04.17.2010 For class session 04.13.2010  This week’s discussion started with Carrie Anne’s article on Music Education. It is amazing how there can be so many different approaches to SoTL work. As we could see the decisions to use quantitative verses qualitative research methodologies is still a toss-up! Regardless of the discipline, these […]

Jason’s Reflection on 4/13 class

I enjoyed this week’s class because it opened my eyes to two new ideas.  Both of these ideas I understood somewhat before this discussion, but I now feel that I grasp both on a deeper level. The first idea came from Carrie Ann’s article.  This is the idea that while all disciplines differ in there […]

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