Aracelie_Reading Log_2 Feb

In this week’s readings, both McKinney and Bass discuss the problem in teaching.  I found myself nodding more when reading Bass’ article than when reading McKinney’s chapter.   While McKinney’s chapter three addresses how to identify a problem and the steps to begin developing a SoTL project, Bass delves into the connotation and resulting use of […]

Moving teaching out onto the front stage

“In one’s teaching a problem is something you don’t want to have, and if you have one, you probably want to fix it. Asking a collegue about a problem in his or her research is an invitation; asking about a problem in one’s teaching would probably seem like an accusation.” This statement from The Scholarship […]

What should we study and how?

As I was reading the assigned reading, I was reminded of all that I had learned in my previous educational research classes.  Our reading addressed the issue of finding the right “topic” or “question” to research, otherwise you will not have a clear starting point for your research.  Yet, when you pose these questions you […]

Aracelie’s Reflection_26 Jan 10

Today’s classroom discussion focused on our first readings regarding the definition of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  I found the actual readings and definitions a little ambiguous at first.  The fact that there is not a single source that everyone goes to for a definition of SoTL still poses a challenge for me.   Having […]

Teddy’s Reflection Log 01*26*2010

Class Session, Tuesday, Time: 7:20-10:00 p.m./ 01.26.2010   In our session on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010, we observed that there were distinct attributes about teaching and what is considered scholarly work. What is scholarship? What is teaching? Well, according to Shulman, scholarship is public, critical to review and appropriate to be share or reused. The issue of publishing […]

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