Aracelie_Reflections_30 Mar

Concept Map…CMap Tools…Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)…  What are these, you may ask?  They are the topics we covered in class that related to “the Leslies” chapter of Classroom Research.  One of the tools suggested for use is the Concept Map.  At the start of class, Darren introduced Jason and me to free online tools available […]

Aracelie_Reading Log_13 Apr

Carrie Ann and Ted will be leading discussions on the music-related articles they have chosen for this week.  Although I do not see it specified who chose which article, I will work under the assumption that Ted selected “Delivering student feedback in higher education:  the role of podcasting” for his focus, and Carrie Ann will […]

Aracelie_Reflections_6 Apr

During last week’s class, we discussed an article I selected on veterans going to Queensborough Community College after having been deployed as a servicemember to either Iraq or Afghanistan in a time of war.   The article covered several aspects of transitioning back to civilian life – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, and “reverse cultural […]

Aracelie_Reflections_23 Mar

At last…my language is being used, even if only very briefly.  My old friend SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) has reappeared in my life.  Last class, Darren gave us an outline to use for creating an Action Plan when beginning work on a research question, and SWOT is one of the elements of that […]

Aracelie_Readings_23 Mar

This week’s articles  address scholarship specifically within community college environments.  Prager’s article “Scholarship Matters” tells how community college faculty members, though dominant in the educating of first- and second-year students, have little presence outside their own classrooms.  Meanwhile, Sperling’s article “How Community Colleges Understand the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” describes an exception to that […]

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