Jason’s Reading Log for April 20th

This week’s reading about e-portfolios was very interesting.  I plan on designing an e-portfolio for one of my courses this fall, so this week’s class should help me with that.  I had never really taken the time to situate the development of portfolios within historical context.   When this is laid out, as it was […]

Jason’s Reflection on 4/13 class

I enjoyed this week’s class because it opened my eyes to two new ideas.  Both of these ideas I understood somewhat before this discussion, but I now feel that I grasp both on a deeper level. The first idea came from Carrie Ann’s article.  This is the idea that while all disciplines differ in there […]

Jason’s Reading Log for his Music Education

I have no musical talent or abilities.  I never took a piano lesson as a kid, I wasn’t in the band, I can’t read music, I’ve never even taken a music appreciation course, so I was surprised to see exactly how much overlap there is between problems in teaching music and the problems that I face teaching sociology.   This is one […]

Jason’s Reading Log for 4/6/10

This weeks chapter in the cross reading was very interesting to me.  Besides the fact that I just really enjoy this book (especially when compared to some of the stuff I have to read for my Soc classes!), this chapter’s case study followed by literature review format was great! We are supposed to be teaching […]

Jason’s March 30th Reading log

For this week we were responsible for reading one chapter from both Mckinney and Cross.  We also read the article that I chose to present on, which was titled “overcoming doom and gloom”. Chapter eight in the McKinney book related very well to the article that I chose.  I chose the article because I felt […]

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