Carrie Ann’s April 13th class reflection

It was a pleasure for me this week to share some research in my field of music education.  In discussing how philosophy in music education research has changed from a qualitative to a quantitative approach, it was encouraging to see how other fields such as sociology (as Jason stated), has also dealt with this shift […]

Summary of Carrie Ann’s “Research in Music Education” presentation

What is research in Music Education?  Where has our field been in terms of research?  Where are we now and where are we going in our scholarship?  This is what I will be discussing with our class on Tuesday, April 13th.  In order to present this topic, I will be referencing Bennett Reimer’s Senior Researcher […]

Carrie Ann’s April 6th Class reflection

How do we accomplish assessment in-group work and for me how do we accomplish this in a large class setting?  This past weeks class and our discussion of the Cross and Steadman book helped me make some educational choices in this area.  This summer I am teaching a larger sized class on the topic of […]

Carrie Ann’s April 12th Reading Log

Since I will present on my article on Tuesday, I am going to take this opportunity to comment on the article that Ted has chosen for us to read to prepare for his part of the presentation. The idea of podcasting and the uses thereof for higher education is a fairly new idea.  Only in […]

Carrie Ann’s Reading Log (Week of April 4th)

Are we doing enough for those who are serving our country and defending the rights of all Americans?  This is the question resonating in my thoughts as I read the article that Aracelie will present to us this week.  Having had family members that have served in the United States Armed Forces, I believe that […]

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