Carrie Ann’s April 12th Reading Log

Posted by on April 12, 2010 
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Since I will present on my article on Tuesday, I am going to take this opportunity to comment on the article that Ted has chosen for us to read to prepare for his part of the presentation. The idea of podcasting and the uses thereof for higher education is a fairly new idea.  Only in the past two semesters have I seen professors using this medium in addition to traditional methods of material presentation.  This semester has been the first in my academic career that I have needed to access this medium for another doctoral seminar that I am currently taking.  This class is having us use the podcasting purely in a “listen to these pieces” fashion, but as this article presents the use of podcasting for assessment purposes is extremely viable.

As an assessment tool, podcasting can be the technological way that we can reach our students on a more meaningful level.  I agree with this article in that our students can easily misunderstand written assessment that we give our students.  Meaning can be lost in the written word and through verbal communication (complete with inflections) you can regain some of that meaning back.  Our students are technology advanced and to use a medium that they are all well versed in to provide feedback is the next logical step in higher education.  This could be especially effective in large classes like the ones that I am currently teaching.  Written comments take a long time to complete, through podcasting/verbal comments I could record comments in real time as I am reading their papers and my students could receive their comments/grades in a quicker fashion.

I am looking forward to discussing this article in class and hearing my colleagues’ viewpoints on this subject.  We as educators need to move forward technologically along with our students, Podcasting assessments is one such way to do so.


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