Hope Amid Disappointment

This is the article about the removal of anticipated funding for community colleges from the health care bill that was mentioned in our discussion last week.

Aracelie_Reflecting on Reflections_23 Mar

In our 16 Mar class, Darren gave us handouts containing general guidelines for writing reflection papers.  Although we have been doing these writings for the entire course, this was our first exposure [in this class] to examples of what a reflection might look like to be most beneficial for our practice.  Our task for this […]

Jason’s reflection on class reflections

After reviewing the chart handed out in class entitled The rough guide to reflection. I can see that in my previous posts I have been leaving out the NOW WHAT portion.  I have outlined WHAT HAPPENED and discussed the SO WHAT but I have failed to fully outline the NOW WHAT.  So I want to […]

Teddy’s Reading Log #2 for 03.21.2010

Teddy’s Reading Log #2 for 03.21.2010 For class session 03.23.2010  Scholarship truly matters! This second article describes the current efforts to deny faculty at community colleges the fruits of academic citizenship. Their right to fulfill responsibilities of scholarship in their institutions, disciplines and in higher education should quickly warrant an immediate round-table discussion with college […]

Jason’s Reading Log 3/23

This week’s reading was very interesting to me because of it’s focus on the community college system.   I have always thought that the community college structure has a distinct advantage over the university system in it’s ability to produce SoTL research.  The articles this week discussed this idea in detail. The first article that I […]

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