Teddy’s Reading Log 02.23.2010

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Teddy’s Reading Log 02.23.2010

 For class session 02.23.2010

 The book Opening Up Education focuses on the development of Open Educational Resources or OER. The 38 prominent scholars that authored this book promote learning platforms beyond the traditional classroom. The open education movement demands full access to education anywhere, anytime for students everywhere! Students engage learning activities at home, work, and other non-traditional environments. This project is an on-going metamorphosis that is sure to someday become the norm. Greater access makes this form of education very attractive to the busy nine-to-fivers and others with challenging schedules. Time is a precious commodity and open education provides learners with resources that are very accommodating for the adult learner. Participation by teachers and students is a must if the movement is to be a success.


Leaders of the open education movement seek to enable and encourage participation of the entire learning community, but are centering their current efforts on teachers and future scholars. It must become an agency for formal and informal education as it creates ecologies within ecologies of productive thinkers that enjoy deep learning. The designing of open education requires carefully molded scaffolding designed by teachers and students of cross-disciplines, building informative channels of structured frameworks that have educational resources that build on old data to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Open education is presently reforming education and the results is a new community of learning and practice. As always, the mission here is to create a community of instructors, theorists, scientists, and students who want to achieve the most effective best practices for teachers by studying what students know and how they learn through civil/practical engagement. By implementing open-content, open-teaching and other forms of the movement, students experience an international band of critical thinkers that enjoy scores of digital content located in online libraries of endless data 24 hours a day. We’ve been granted great insights through the mediums of open education. The provision of more access, agency, design freedoms, and ownership of our education is truly a most welcomed “Reformation” in the 21st century!


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